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Get3Di provides easy access to best public 3D Point Cloud and Image data (3Di) sets in the US from organizations like USGS, the USDA, and more. Instead of looking through multiple sites or trying to find data on a crowded server, Get3Di provides a single environment where you can find and order data easily by using a simple map interface and checkout system.

Who Uses Get3Di?

Civil Engineering Firms

Jumpstart your project by getting you 3Di data without having to collect in the field or go to multiple sites to get what you need.

Water Authorities

Get elevation data to easily determine flood plan mapping, high-risk flood zones, and more.

GIS Professionals

Get access to a “one stop shop” for 3Di data to make completing your tasks fast and easy.

And so many more...

 Our Mission is to make public 3D data easy to find and download.

Get3Di Makes Getting 3D Imaging Data a Breeze
  • Get the data you need, how you need it — Download both raw and various derivations of point cloud data.
  • Stay up to date — Got an area you want to keep tabs on? Get notifications of new data in your areas of interest!
  • Sophisticated searching — Narrow results using named locations, geographic areas, and file specific meta-data such as collection time frame, sun position and cloud coverage.
  • More than just data — Special processing options include tasks such as coordinate transformation, resampling and clipping that can be performed on the ordered data before delivery.

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Multiple Data Sources

Our data comes from multiple sensor types and contributors, so whether you need high-accuracy LIDAR or satellite imagery, we have it.

Easy to Use Map

Scroll, Pan, and Zoom in our intuitive map interface to easily find the area where you need data. Don't know how to quickly find it on the map? No problem! The search bar lets you find a location using an address, point of interest, or longitude/lattitude.

Save Frequently Used Search Criteria

Have your search parameters set up exactly right? Save 'em!

Personal Notifications

Need to constantly get newer data for a certain location? Set up a personal notification so that you'll know when any new data is uploaded that meets your criteria.

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